About Us

A message that changes lives

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

We believe in the all-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a message that is underestimated even in Christianity. Jesus Christ came to make the Father known to us and so that we can enter into a relationship with Him again. This is incredible! This mystery is so deep and this is what our heart beats for, to show people what it means to live as a son of God.

A new creation

To really live in this good news, one must become a new creation. The old man, the egoic nature in man, is good for nothing! It must go! Die! And then something new must come: Jesus Christ as our life. That is exciting!

Who is God and who are you?

Actually, everything is composed of these two questions, “Who is God?” & “Who are you?” This platform aims to show you how brilliant God is and what kind of position He has put you in so that His glory can be seen in you! Hallelujah.

Responsible Person

Patrick (Paddy) Noll

Patrick Noll has been involved in organic church activities since 2020 and has his heart set on promoting communities that embody Christ with their lifestyle.
He is concerned that following Jesus becomes visible above all in everyday life and makes a transformative difference in this world.
Ihm geht es darum, dass die Nachfolge von Jesus vor allem im Alltag sichtbar wird und einen verändernden Unterschied macht in dieser Welt.