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Are you looking for a house church? Or would you like to start something new yourself? We are happy to help you on your journey. Either through networking (across Germany and beyond) or through targeted support, so that the community around you grows and becomes visible!

House Church

What does "house church" mean?

The term from the Bible is “church in the house” (Romans 16:5; 1 Corinthians 16:19; Colossians 4:15) and stands for the church coming together in private homes. The word “house” is from the Greek “oikos” and describes a network of relationships in which people dwell, work and live together. The community in the house therefore focuses on relationships with one another, everyday life together and meets in private, but of course also in public in a wide variety of places.
Such groups can also form in bars, in the park or in other social structures. They are a good place to share everyday life with Jesus with people and should aim to multiply.


We are networked with house churches throughout Germany. If you are already in a house church but would like to network, you are welcome to enter your house church in the form on the left.

Are you looking for a house church?

Then you can enter your details in the form on the left and simply leave the lines “Location of the house church” and “Number of people” blank. This way we can try to place you well.

Would you like to start at your own place?

That is a wonderful request! Because you are suddenly faced with many questions and challenges, support is very helpful and often necessary. That’s why we are happy to support you on your journey to the extent that you wish. You can also use the form on the left and simply leave the lines “Location of the house church” and “Number of people” blank.


The goal of house churches should always be that they multiply, that new people come to faith and that in the long term a network is created in the town/region, which in turn can send people to new places. This creates discipleship or “church planting” movements, which can reach the ends of the earth and make the return of Jesus ever closer!