Discipleship Group (Online)

How do you disciple other people? Everything from getting to know new people, leading them to Jesus, to multiplication. That’s what this group is all about. There will be targeted input and lots of sharing about your own experiences so that everyone can learn from each other.


What is this Discipleship Group?

This discipleship group aims to support you in accompanying other followers of Jesus.
The basis for this is the life and ministry of Jesus. Therefore, we look at how Jesus made disciples and modeled it for us and how he wants to continue to live it through you today.

What is the goal of this group?

In this group you will learn how to….

  • … meet new people
  • … explain the gospel + lead people to Jesus
  • … accompany the new disciples afterwards
  • … empower the fresh disciples to make disciples of others
  • … builds up a (home) group

You will be given a few very simple tools that you can easily pass on.

As soon as the first (house) group has been created by a person from the discipleship group, there will be further offers:

  1. (House) Church Multiplication
    -> How to build (house) groups that multiply
  2. Network building + expansion
    -> How to build a network and reach new places

What is happening there?

We find ourselves together with several other brothers and sisters who have exactly the same thing on their hearts: That other people come to know Jesus and are empowered to pass it on to others.
To this end, we mainly exchange ideas and learn from and through the experiences of others.
But there is also targeted input and a clear thread that helps step by step to be a stable follower of Jesus.

What is the time frame?

It is a continuous group that meets online once a month for about 2 hours.
It has no end in that sense. There is therefore the possibility to opt out or to live out discipleship in such a way that new groups are formed and further support opportunities are available.