Entering into a Life in the Kingdom of God

Patrick and Lilli Noll’s course includes teaching, sharing and prayer and has the character of a discipleship group.
It consists of 8 parts:

  1. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
  2. The Kingdom of God
  3. The New Man
  4. Renewing your Mind 
  5. Living the Life of Christ
  6. The Family of God
  7. Being a living Bible
  8. Citizenship in Heaven

When does the course start?

The course takes place weekly or every 2 weeks, depending on the number of participants in the group. It can always start when there is a minimum number of 5 participants.
First, all participants are collected in a group (e.g. WhatsApp). Once enough participants have been found, we use a survey to determine a date on which all participants have time. At the first meeting, all other dates will be set. We try to organize everything in the best possible way so that everyone has the opportunity to attend all dates.

Does the course cost any money?

The course costs no money. Our ministry is funded solely by cheerful donors.


It can be held in person (Andernach area) or online via a meeting platform.

If you have any further questions, please contact:


Experiences of Participants

David, 25 years

The course has given me some new food for thought in terms of my identity and what position I now have through Christ.
Because I now have a new spiritual family, my awareness in the spiritual world, but also in the visible world, has also changed. I also enjoyed reflecting and sharing Bible verses with the brothers and sisters.

Alexander, 37 years

The course “Entering a Life in the Kingdom of God” was very encouraging and uplifting for me as a participant and gave me a renewed view of myself and of God. My life was heavily influenced by a false image of God and religion and it helped me to get out of that box. Patrick and his wife Lilli guide you through the individual sessions in a very loving, encouraging and also challenging way. You can see that your heart beats for Jesus, our King, and you both radiate that! The first two sessions started with biblical basics, e.g. “Who is this God anyway, what did God create us humans for and what was his purpose for us; what does the gospel and the Kingdom of God mean for us?” These units have changed my image from a strict dad in heaven to a loving father. After the first units, it quickly goes deep into identity – how to live as a new creation and how to have a deeper relationship (intimacy) with Jesus. Here you are shown again the importance that it is not primarily about our actions, but about who we are as sons and daughters of God and that God wants to live relationship.
The last two units were about the practical implementation of the new life in our daily environment. This has been the most challenging session for me, as being a disciple of Jesus is not just about soaking up everything like a sponge, but also giving and sharing. I was very encouraged to live in the purpose that God has for me and not just for myself and my brothers and sisters, but to live an authentic life in everyday life that reflects Jesus. The groups were kept very small, which I found very good, so everyone had the opportunity to get involved in the discussions. I can recommend this course to anyone who, like me, had the feeling that their spiritual life was like being on a swing, first going forwards, then backwards again and constantly repeating itself. You feel like you’re getting nowhere. After the course, I realized more and more that with Jesus at my side, I can go on and that going back is no longer an option.

Stefanie, 45 years

The “Life in the Kingdom of God” course was very valuable for me. The realization of how powerfully we can already act as dearly bought children of God with our mission in this world if we fully carry Jesus Christ as our Lord within us, give the wonderful Spirit of God authority over us and walk completely with, through and in him, gave me great comfort, strength and a focus on the future. The fellowship with the newly found brothers and sisters was wonderful and we will definitely stay in touch. It is wonderful how Jesus builds his body, the church, his family and makes them one in spirit. I already miss the great evenings in the group. Thanks again to Paddy and Lilli for filling this course with so much energy, love, brotherhood and the Spirit of God. Thanks be to our Lord and God, who leads us into all truth, guides and directs his children, carries them through all ups and downs, shields and protects them and soon brings them home.

Hermine, 60 years

With the “Entry into the Kingdom” course, I was able to discover, deepen and internalize biblical truths and claim them for myself personally. I am a learner and the exchange with brothers and sisters in the group was really enriching. I would like to highlight one topic: “Unity with Christ”. This is about being one with Christ, Christ in you the hope of glory (Col. 1:27). The source from which every blessing flows. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:4). Yes, this power of hidden life in God! I can now say: I am crucified with Christ, buried with Christ, raised with Christ and transferred to the heavenly regions. To put it in Paddy’s words: “Wow guys, that’s awesome”. Every aspect of Christ’s life has meaning for me. There is no closer connection than the vine and the branch. The sap of the vine permeates the branches. The branch is organically connected to the vine. What a beautiful image! Thanks again to you all.

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