Leadership development

Everything from accompanying individuals, to bundling and leading a group, to multiplying groups, to leading a network of groups, to changing an entire region.


What is this about?

In the area of leadership development, the focus is on leading followers of Jesus in responsibility and making them mature. There are different approaches to this. We encourage followers of Jesus to take responsibility through…

  •         … their own life
  •         … their marriage and family
  •         … individual people in their environment 
  •         … a group
  •         … a network of groups 
  •         … a city
  •         … a region 

What is the focus?

We believe that Jesus did not want people to be above others and to rule over them. Through Jesus, we learn that Jesus had the heart of a father for his children. Someone who is already mature and has had experiences, but who also wants to lead others into these experiences so that they can soon experience it for themselves.
This is exactly what this area is all about: that people are increasingly led to embody Christ wherever they are and take others with them to experience this life too.

In which format is support available?

You are welcome to tell us what kind of support you would like and how often you would like it. Then we can see together how we can do it. Phone call, video call, on-site visit … There are many possibilities.